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Dec 7, 2013 6:00am PST
will berle will have to do better after the winter break. >> and bayern munich are threatening to paul way. that makes saturday's clash etween all the more crucial. a win will go a long way to cementing their place as title challenger. >> winter has arrived, but despite the chilly temperatures, the team and its fans are basking in the warm glow of success. now the coach faces a major challenge. defending second place in the standings. >> there's alza lot of spirit. >> our job will be to quiet the fans down a bit. we have to believe in ourselves. >> the coach has to be feeling a bit more confident these days. a long list of injured players is slowly returning to the lineup. they'll see action, the overriding goal is clear -- reclaim second place and take them down a notch. >> the arrange of playing at home, forget the talk about the standings, i've repeated this time and again. we have major ambitions. we dropped some points, and looking back, it has hurt a lot. we can't give away anything else, and really need to prove ourselves. >> they also have the reputation of playing cautiously.
Dec 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
. american actor paul walker star of the fast and furious movies has been killed in a high speed car crash. the forty year old was a passenger in a friend's for show when it crashed and burst into flames outside los angeles. both were pronounced dead at the scene. walker appeared in all but one of the sixth fast and furious action movies with them all around illegal street racing that's all from us here in berlin date and again at the top of the hour. do. do she couldn't reach. this can turn to grow into new communities school the fight for what is so potent it passes effortlessly another child from generation to generation. what thoughts really mind the chickens usually tune nixed that idea seem like that. hunger the day. this fight. and the for germany. this was the week of the lord known to between ten to one hundred american conservatives and social democrats. two months after elections negotiating teams in the final stretch to agree on terms for pollution no one talks began on monday ahead of a wednesday deadline it gets reasonable people are sitting together seven at hammering
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2